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Managing Your Opt-In List. If u build it, they will come
Here are some tips to growing your subscriber list
Put your keyword promotion on your website's homepage, with our short code
Have a button on every page of your site, linking to your keyword promotion
Put your keyword promotion on the back of your business cards —
(we can give you stickers for this)
Offer a grand prize to a "winning" entrant (we can work with you on this)
Send personal emails to your customers, suggesting they opt-in to your txt program for special perks
In your "Contact Us" form on your site, include a keyword opt-in "box" that visitors can check
And here are a few tips about list management…
Set a precedent — only txt new customers when it is important and relevant
If subscribers opt-out, think about why. Did you overtxt them? Was the promotion not inviting enough? Learning what went wrong will help you in all of your marketing efforts, on and off line.
Segment your lists into different interest groups, so that you can launch separate campaigns to different types of shoppers
While you may at times want to blasts everyone at once, most lists should be specific to a particular group, like "recent customers", "big spenders", or "internal txts" (employee discounts, other retail locations, etc)
Check back for more tips next time. Happy txting!
Managing Your List
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