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How it works. Mobile Messaging At ur fingertips.
1) Keyword

We start by helping you choose the ideal keyword and "prize" for your business. If you're a phone retailer, it may say "Txt PhoneZone to our short code now, and get 15% off any accessory." If you're a coffee shop, it may say, "Txt YummyJava to our short code now, & get a free iced latte. Mmm."

2) POP

Then we deliver POP (point-of-purchase) posters, flyers, and cards to your store, showcasing the keyword message. Regardless of your field, an appealing keyword and offer will get customers to txt in.

3) Wizard

Now that you have a growing number of subscribers, you can put RetailTxt's software to work. Our online wizard will walk you through the steps, from scheduling auto-responses to managing lists & viewing reports.

4) Launch

Click the launch button and your new subscribers will get an instant reply: "Congrats. Enjoy your latte!" You get to decide what it is you want to say. We can assist you, if you'd like… But that's just the beginning. Now that you're up and running, you can txt alerts, polls, promotions and other campaigns with ease, directly from your desktop!

5) Opt-in

When people txt the keyword to the shortcode, they are "opting in." This means that they are proactively choosing to interact with you, via txt. This opt-in grants you permission to txt them in the future.

RetailTxt is designed to encourage pre-planned txt initiatives, so that you aren't relying on last-minute impulses to launch campaigns. We suggest using the hands-off, autoresponse tools to do most of the work, and then supplementing this strategy with monthly or bi-monthly promotions, launched from our custom campaign menu. This approach will make each txt really matter, and in so doing, draw the highest response rates. We live for happy subscribers.

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"U have an appointment tmrw @ 10AM. Press 1 to confirm." | "Fri nights special: buy a scoop, get 1 free!" | "Rate our service 1-10, and get a no-tax coupon next time in." | "Friendly reminder: Ur bill is due tmrw." | "Enter 2 win a $100 gift card" | "1st 50 to reboost this week, get 50% off accessories!" | "New phones are in! Trade in ur old phone by Friday, and save big."
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