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FAQ RetailTXT has all the answers.
What is SMS?
Answer: SMS stands for Short Message Service and is the format on which all txts are sent and received via mobile phones. Visit our About SMS page to learn more.
What is mobile marketing?
Answer: Mobile marketing is a modern means of advertising in which you can reach your audience on their cell phones, wherever they are.
Who can receive txt messages?
Answer: Almost all mobile phones can send and receive txts. Wireless carriers usually include txt messaging with their service plans.
How do I know that a txt from my business will be read?
Answer: Txt messages have 95% read rate, so the odds are in your favor.
What is an opt-in?
Answer: In order to send people txt messages, a business must first get their consent. Mobile users "opt-in" by txting a keyword to the short code.
How do subscribers opt-out of campaigns?
Answer: Opting out is easy. Subscribers can simply txt STOP to the short code. Because they are free to do this at any time, they can rest assured that they are in complete control of the experience.
How do I know who is responding to my campaign?
Answer: When mobile users opt-in, they enter a database of consumers who have chosen to participate. This database allows you to build customer profiles and target optimal audiences in future campaigns.
Can txt campaigns be international?
Answer: Definitely. We maintain global connections with more than 500 mobile operators in 180 countries across the world. Your campaigns have the capacity to reach any of the 230 million cell phone users on our networks.... Or the guy around the corner.
What is a short code?
Answer: A short code is a five-digit number to which mobile users can send txt messages. Short codes are easy to remember and are compatible across all carriers.
How long does it take to set up an account?
Answer: Not long at all. When you contact us, we'll speak with you to assess your company's needs. We can have you up and running in just a few days.
What is the difference between RetailTxt and mobile spamming?
Answer: With RetailTxt, mobile users grant you permission to send them messaging by opting in. Also, RetailTxt campaigns are individually approved by each wireless carrier. Spammers and unsolicited marketers are prevented from sending messaging through these networks.
Are subscribers charged when they txt our campaign?
Answer: Not by RetailTxt. Most people have unlimited or bulk txting included in their mobile plan. Those that don't may incur standard txt messaging rates from their carrier.
How are different types of campaigns set up?
Answer: Each campaign type is generated by our stand-alone platform and is fully adaptable to fit your marketing needs. No additional equipment is needed. Contact us to learn more about our campaign features and functions.
How much does RetailTxt cost?
Answer: Far less than our competitors. Please contact us and we will be happy to walk you through our affordable plans and price structures.
Who can help me analyze my data?
Answer: RetailTxt provides supplementary analysis of your data and metrics upon request. If you prefer more comprehensive consultation, out team will offer you actionable recommendations and strategies for all your mobile marketing initiatives.
Is RetailTxt secure?
Answer: Very. Our platform's cutting-edge encryption technologies ensure that all your information receives ironclad protection, on both the front and back end.
What is an abuse complaint?
Answer: When customers feel like they're being overtxted or "spammed", they notify the carrier, who then notifies us. We monitor our lines closely to ensure that overtxting is curbed, so that your customers are happy.
Why is there a limit to how many txts I can send?
Answer: RetailTxt's automated messaging encourages pre-planned marketing campaigns. Our software is built to discourage abuse and high-volume "impulse txts" that may alienate your base, and negatively effect your business. We believe that the best way to implement RetailTxt is to preset cyclical campaigns, and supplement that with selective promotional blasts.
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