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Alerts Forecast Events.
RetailTxt helps you schedule your txts to match customer life cycles. Send alerts to your customers reminding them of upcoming appointments, sales, product releases, billing cycles, and other calendar dates. You can launch announcements on demand or preset them for automatic delivery.

"Time to reboost. Come in 4 more airtime, and get $10 off."

"Ur spa treatment is scheduled for 2pm tmrw. Reply '1' to confirm."

"The new Nikes arrive on Friday! Call to pre-order."

"Arkitech wishes u a Happy Birthday! Enjoy a $5 b-day credit!"

Content Keep your audience informed.
Send relevant entertainment, news, or services to your customer base - anytime, anywhere, with their active approval. Share a link to a mobile website, spread a positive review, suggest a product to a consumer group, and more. See how it works. Check out our online demo
Coupons Drive traffic to your store or website.
Send digital coupons to your consumers immediately, wherever they are. Offer a discounted service or value to your entire audience, or target a narrower demographic for special promotions. Check out our online demo
Events Engage a crowd.
SMS keyword messaging - by way of screen, microphone, or signage -guarantees your audience a richer and more rewarding event experience. Whether it's an in-store sale, a party, a convention, or other event, RetailTxt can rally a bunch of new subscribers at once, or invite existing consumers to respond to featured promotions. Check out our online demo
Polls Learn from your consumers.
Collect real-time data by polling your customers, and discover more about their preferences, interests, and behavior. SMS polling provides access to built-in focus groups, while assuring mobile users that their opinions matter. You can even provide rewards, as added incentive. Check out our online demo
Sweepstakes Create a buzz.
Launch a Txt2Win Sweepstakes campaign, offering prizes, services, and exclusives to the winners. SMS contests generate a response volume that far surpasses your overhead, boosting visibility and revenue for your brand at virtually no cost. Want even more entrants? Add a viral, word-of-txt element by encouraging SMS-forwarding to others. Check out our online demo
Txt2Screen Showcase your audience.
Encourage live, active participation at meetings, seminars, sporting events, and more, in real time. Txt2Screen technology enables attendees to send messages from their cell phones directly to on-site digital displays. Whether it's a lecture or a baseball game, each event becomes a truly interactive experience, as audience members txt questions, answers, and key data onto the screen, for all to see. Check out our online demo
Trivia & Games Make your market smile.
SMS games allow consumers to engage with your brand in a fun and interactive way. Amuse your audiences with custom word games, or challenge them to industry trivia. RetailTxt's built-in wizard helps you enter brand information into pre-existing templates for unique games and puzzles. Even quiz consumers on products or displays inside your store, to drive traffic to your location. Check out our online demo

Txt campaigns strengthen customer loyalty and attract new audiences. With RetailTxt at your command, you can promote products, events and services — release information — gather key consumer data — and, of course, increase revenue. All from your desktop. Check out our online demo

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"U have an appointment tmrw @ 10AM. Press 1 to confirm." | "Fri nights special: buy a scoop, get 1 free!" | "Rate our service 1-10, and get a no-tax coupon next time in." | "Friendly reminder: Ur bill is due tmrw." | "Enter 2 win a $100 gift card" | "1st 50 to reboost this week, get 50% off accessories!" | "New phones are in! Trade in ur old phone by Friday, and save big."
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