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Benefits. Lo-Cost, Hi-Txt

Real-time communication In an instant, establish a live, interactive dialogue with your customers, wherever they are

Opt-in List When you build a list of subscribers, you're guaranteed a pre- approved audience for your next promotion

Oversight Each location has its own keyword, so when it comes to opt-in lists, customer service ratings, and in-store traffic, you can see which branches get the best results.

In-Store Subscriptions Keywords "capture" in-store traffic during peak seasons - attracting opt-ins - so you can reach out to shoppers later, during slower months.

Digital Loyalty

Inform and reward shoppers based on their purchase data, It's the digital version of the "stamped card" at your coffee shop. Buy 9, get the 10th one free!

Relevant Rewards

Offer customer specific promotions, such as discounts on overstock to in-store customers or renewal coupons as billing cycles transpire.

Life Cycle Management

Automate txts to align with birthdays, billing cycles, monthly appointments, summer Fridays, and other dates — your customers will thank you.


ID codes allow you to monitor your customers' behavior, so that you can offer different txt promotions to different types of shoppers.


Understand shopper preferences — store location, purchase date, response rate, and more — to match each customer with the ideal campaign.

Automated Messaging

For a hands-off approach, plan your marketing strategy in advance with preset txts, then pepper in monthly blasts for selective promotions.

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"U have an appointment tmrw @ 10AM. Press 1 to confirm." | "Fri nights special: buy a scoop, get 1 free!" | "Rate our service 1-10, and get a no-tax coupon next time in." | "Friendly reminder: Ur bill is due tmrw." | "Enter 2 win a $100 gift card" | "1st 50 to reboost this week, get 50% off accessories!" | "New phones are in! Trade in ur old phone by Friday, and save big."
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