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The Always on Portal
A secure web-based tool that enables wireless dealers to
maximize sales and build an extensive customer database
Powerful graphic reports give you a clear picture of your
business' strengths and weaknesses
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Sales Portal
Works from any web browser with no downloads or additional software.
Build a Database of Customers
Turn anonymous transactions into lifelong customers. Also, track your customers purchases and understand their habits over time.
Track Coupon Redemption
Offer unique coupon codes that relate to your product line, like "Speaker" or "Bluetooth" and then track their redemption rates.
Loyalty Engine
Reward both Sales Reps and Customers by offering perks and end-user promotions in real-time.
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Marketing Capabilities
Want to promote a daily deal or one day sale? The Portal enables you to do just that.
Target Messages
Send customized, automated, follow-up texts to collect store visit ratings, get referrals, sell add-ons, or host events.
Gain Referrals
Add a viral, word of mouth element to your campaign by encouraging referrals from current customers.
Reduce Churn
Offer instant coupons to loyal customers.
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Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 5:30pm EST
Local phone number: 215.825.7664